Andrea McGill

Prior to joining HOS Partners LLP, Andrea McGill was a senior associate with ByrneWallace, a large commercial law firm, where she worked for over 11 years.  Andrea has over 15 years experience working as a solicitor in banking and financial services. During this time, she has worked primarily on large commercial banking transactions and projects for financial institutions, corporate borrowers, individual borrowers and private funders. She also has experience in advising on residential lending, consumer law and financial regulation.

Andrea has lectured in secured lending in the Law Society on the PPC II course.

Her experience:-

  • Advises on asset financing transactions. This includes drafting, negotiating and advising on the terms of loan agreements, conducting legal due diligence of the assets being acquired, advising on the security requirements, drafting and negotiating security documents, corporate documents and other ancillary documents, reviewing constitutional documents of corporates, ensuring compliance with Irish legislation such as the Companies Act and drafting and negotiating legal opinions in the case of multi-jurisdictional loan transactions.
  • Advises on development loan transactions. This includes drafting, negotiating and advising on loan agreements and security documents, analysing the requirements for security assignments of relevant interests in construction documents and development agreements. Drafting and negotiating step-in agreements, side letters, bonds, bank guarantees.
  • Advises on tax-based lending transactions in connection with hotels and nursing homes funding to co-ownerships and joint ventures. This includes drafting, negotiating and advising on loan agreements, security documents, put and call option agreements, sinking fund agreements and management/operational agreements. Advises on recourse provisions in security arrangements, hedging arrangements and co-ownership agreements. Provides advice in connection with the unwinding of tax structures.
  • Advises on loan sales and transfer of security. Advised on a high-profile loan sale following the special liquidation of a financial institution which involved conducting due diligence on loan and security documents, ensuring transferability of the loan and security, carrying out risk assessment and legal analysis of issues arising in the course of the transaction, conducting a review of hedging transactions, drafting and negotiating a loan sale agreement, drafting and negotiating security transfer documents, drafting and negotiating non-disclosure agreements, managing and analysing information uploaded to a data room. Andrea has acted for both sellers and purchasers in various other loan sales involving the transfer of security. 
  • Advises on the restructuring and refinancing of loans. This includes a review of existing loans and security arrangements, drafting and negotiating new loan agreements or an amendment and restatement of an existing loan agreement, drafting and negotiating deeds of confirmation of existing security and drafting new security documents, advising on the mechanics for redemption of existing loans and drafting and negotiating deeds of release and advising on negotiation strategies between lenders and borrowers.
  • Conducts loan and security reviews on behalf of financial institutions and borrowers. Identifies gaps in security, formulates and implements (where possible) remediation of issues with security. Advises on work-out solutions and on debt settlement negotiations and drafts settlement agreements. Advises on enforcement options for impaired loans, advises on the powers of appointment of a receiver in security documents, drafts reservation of rights letters and demand letters.
  • Advises lenders and borrowers in connection with home loans and consumer loans and on consumer law and financial regulation.

HOS Partners LLP, 46 Fitzwilliam Square West, Dublin 2, Ireland.

DD: +353 1 514 3652